About Healing By Hand, and Andrea Alric (Goering)

Andrea’s career in bodywork started in 2006 after graduating from Professional Fitness Institute in Kansas City with a Certification in Massage and Bodywork. It was a nine month, intensive program that taught Anatomy, Pathology, Kinesiology, Business, and Nutrition, as well as hands-on massage training in modalities including Swedish Massage, Sports Injury Therapy, Prenatal Massage, Geriatric Massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Hydrotherapy, and many others. She has continued her studies in modalities including Reiki, Thai Bodywork, Pregnancy bodywork, Natural and Conscious Birthing Methods, Doula services, Hospital Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga, and Ayurveda.

Reiki has had a profound influence on her approach to healing, integrating a metaphysical influence into traditional massage and other services. She became a Level I practitioner in October 2005, and a Level II practitioner in December that same year. Realizing the value of Reiki, she made a pilgrimage to India in 2012 to become a Reiki Master Teacher, the final level of attunement. She is now offering even more comprehensive work thanks to her five months of study with a Reiki Master in India. She is also enriching the community with more Reiki practitioners through her weekend classes that she teaches throughout the year. These classes are transformative and cultivate a divine essence in the community. 

While in India, she was also blessed with and worked diligently to receive her teaching certification in Traditional Hatha Yoga. This 200 hour, intensive, four-week course involved Yoga philosophy, meditation, kirtan, as well as five hours per day of asana. India was a spiritual quest of sorts, evolving her abilities as a body-worker. Her previous experience and her formal education in yoga and Reiki both compliment her understanding of the body and makes her better as a Massage Therapist.

Andrea’s enthusiasm in the holistic field has led her to start her practice as a Doula and a Natural Birthing Educator as well. She completed a twelve-week program in Conscious Birthing Techniques in April 2014 and became a doula in December 2014. She’s bringing support and comfort to women pre conception, prenatally, during labor and delivery, as well as postpartum. She teaches classes, hosts support groups, covers proper nutrition, teaches meditation and breathing techniques, as well as yoga and dance for pregnant women. If you are in need of support through the childbearing year, she becomes more than your employee, or even your friend; she becomes family and will be your number one cheerleader and educator through the process.

Immediately following her Doula certification in 2014, she went on yet another quest overseas to volunteer her services and engage more deeply in her trainings. She spent 9 months in East Africa and Southeast Asia, working at birthing centers, hosting yoga classes, learning Thai Massage, and exploring her own yoga practice in a deeply profound way. 

Andrea's services have been shared in a variety of environments including her own private practice, hospital settings, a communal setting at Footloose Massage Center, as well as music festivals all over the nation. She is currently hosting her own private practice, as well as working at Eden Midwifery and Wellness Center in Oregon. During the summers, you will often find her on the backpacking trails, or dancing at many festivals. During the winters, you will find her overseas, exploring different cultures and enhancing her abilities as a healer.