Yoga in Bali 2017

Two weeks before I left for Bali, I sat at my altar and laid out my animal medicine cards. I drew the rattlesnake. It took a lot of consideration and determination to manifest my return to the “island of the Gods”, but pulling the rattlesnake confirmed all my intuitions. Always, my intentions for this trip were to become a greater healer, and greater teacher. This is what it read - 

"The experiences that you’re presently going through are an initiation into fulfilling your purpose as a healer - The foundation for compassion is an awareness that suffering is a natural part of life, whether through the empathic appreciation of another being’s pain or the experience of having suffered oneself. And which beings haven’t at times felt the pain or sorrow this is an aspect of living on this planet? The deeper you go into the soul of another, the more you can feel what they feel, yet paradoxically maintain a certain distance or objectivity. 
A true healer must heal from the heart, no matter what technological, logistical, physical, or shamanic tools they use. The experiences that you’re going through now or have just completed are all a preparation for you to open your heart to the suffering around you and do your part in alleviating it. You’ll find that you’re increasingly being asked to offer your time and energy to help heal others. Some of this healing power will also go to mend the rifts that exist between races, ethnicities, and other species. "

There wouldn’t have been any way of knowing the depth of meaning in that card when I pulled it, but now that the trip has fully revealed itself, it has come to a more substantial meaning than I once considered. This service to others was obvious; it’s something I have been passionate about my entire life, but as the trip unfolded I realized there was healing within myself to work through as well. Life is funny like that - when you think all is good, then all of a sudden the Universe smacks you in the face with reality (or encourages you to fly across the world to dig it up)! 

Sometimes that reality is physical and present; sometimes that reality involves working through layers of the soul! Healing from the heart. It’s interesting work. It’s continuous work. The work caught me by surprise, which showed me how wonderfully chaotic life can be! 

I didn’t have a chance to see a lot of the island as I stayed within the boundaries of my yoga studies for the majority of my time. On my last day, I learned that I had taken 67 classes at one studio. That doesn’t even count the classes I took at two of the other studios in town or the several hours I spent in a myriad of workshops, trying to gain more experience to better serve my community. 

My month was full of coconuts, organic smoothies, meditation, shamanic breath work, Reiki, astrology, music, strolls through rice fields and appreciating the kindness and care of the locals and, of course, yoga classes from internationally known instructors from sun up to sun down. It was spectacular. It was hard. It was life changing. It was all, truly, very unexpected.

On my last day in Ubud, I said my goodbyes to teacher of mine. After I gave him the most grateful hug for how he forever changed me, he took my shoulders with his hands, locked eyes with me and said, “now, wherever you go - you share this happiness, this vibration, this love…” 

Now I am home and letting the trip continue to percolate. I am truly grateful. So incredible grateful, for the opportunities overseas and for the roots I love so deeply at home.  

Hare Om.