Massage Therapy

As species we can exist without many things, but physical contact is not one of them. Swedish Massage is one of the oldest therapies in the world that uses designed strokes to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. It promotes relaxation and releases emotional tension, increases circulation and joint mobility, and removes toxins, restoring balanced health in the whole body.

While the common conception of massage is that it heals people that are already injured, it is equally, if not more, important to incorporate it into one’s health routine as a preventative measure. This technique is a preventive measure to injury, pain, illness, and disease. Andrea uses long and firm, but gentle, strokes to break up any adhesions in the tissue, to release tightness in the muscle belly, to alleviate chronic pain, and to allow emotional stress and anxiety to dissipate.

Just like our minds, our muscles have a memory of their own. Because of this, having a regular massage routine along with a regular exercise routine is the best way to reap the benefits of massage.

Massage modalities include, but aren’t limited to Intuitive Healing, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga Massage, Injury Recovery, and Energetic Medicine



60 minutes……….$80

75 minutes……….$90

90 minutes……….$110

120 minutes……….$150

The prices listed above are the discounted rates for cash paying clients.