Reiki is an ancient and holistic form of healing that harmonizes Universal energy with individual energy. It activates loving, healing frequencies through our chakras (i.e. energy centers in our bodies), preventing ailments on all physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Although Reiki is not of any kind of Religion it is a very sacred practice and that is why it can sometimes be difficult to find information on what exactly Reiki is. It is challenging to explain Reiki in words. 

This treatment and practice is truly something that just needs to be experienced.

**Every chakra is connected to different emotions, as well as different organs and locations in the body. Through life-occurrences (i.e. stress, anxiety, sadness, etc.) the chakra’s flow can become blocked or altered, leading to illness and disease. Reiki is healing for the physical body as well as the emotional body, creating overall health.

A treatment can be done with the receiver sitting in a chair or lying on a massage table. Try not to have any expectations during your initial treatments due to its gentle nature. Some will experience a change in their rate of breathing, some can be flooded with images or memories, while others may feel heat coming from my hands, or may feel complete relaxation throughout the body. Some people may feel nothing at all in their initial treatments but do not worry because the Reiki is still working! As the practitioner, I am simply a conduit for this energy and there is absolutely no judgment placed on the client. Together we just relax and allow the Reiki to flow.




Learn Reiki

People seem to think that learning Reiki is just for Massage Therapists and other holistic healers, but don’t be confused because everyone is capable of being in-tune with the flow of Reiki and can use it for self-help or healing others.

There are three levels to learning Reiki that must be completed in sequence to enhance the energy in your body.

The First Level of Reiki introduces the student to the history of Reiki, what Reiki is, chakras, basic anatomy and chakra locations, self-healing meditations and how to heal others, as well as a sacred attunement and a certification ceremony.

The Second Level of Reiki teaches the student how to enhance the flow of Reiki by incorporating the use of ancient symbols. The student will get a more in-depth understanding of how to use Reiki and will also receive a sacred attunement and certification.

After experiencing and fully understanding the effects of Reiki, a Master Degree can be decided upon between both the student and his/her teacher. The Master Level of Reiki provides the student with one more symbol to use in their healing practice. This level should not be done until student has complete knowledge and understanding of the first two levels. It is being within this knowledge that a person can live a peaceful and healthy life.

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