Client Testimonials

“I have been going for massage and Reiki treatments with Andrea since 2011. She is a wonderfully gentle, loving, and nurturing practitioner with an open heart and mind and a desire to help others. In addition to her truly gifted abilities, she has a radiant spirit that goes with it, activating the Divine healing power’s impact in some subtle, yet powerful way. Her massage and Reiki sessions emit some amazing spiritual energy which flows through you bringing comfort, relaxation, healing, and expanded consciousness. I highly recommend Andi’s work. I have felt so nurtured, loved, and healed by the sessions I have had with her. The incredible healing and spiritual energy I have experienced goes far beyond anything I can put into words. I know that it has affected me and touched me in some profound way.” 

– Annette Ragatz


“I can’t really put into words how amazing it was to work with Andrea through my pregnancy. I had a fairly difficult pregnancy, mostly having morning sickness from beginning to end, along with terribly swollen ankles. After each visit with Andrea, I can honestly say that I felt incredible and fully energized. And as a bonus my feet and ankles returned each time to a normal size. Towards the end of our pregnancy, my blood pressure started to rise, and our midwife was gearing us up for a possible Pitocin induction. Hoping to stick to as natural of a birth as possible, we asked Andrea if she could help us out once again. Rather than being induced in a hospital setting, my husband brought me to Andrea, and through her use of Reiki and Reflexology induction, I sure enough went into labor a few hours later. My husband and I are so thankful that Andrea was able to help us bring baby Jillian into the world safely. I would recommend Andrea’s services to anyone, she truly is a wonderful healer.”

-Erin LaFavor


“Andrea was delightful to work with. She is extremely professional and even more caring. Without her help, our pregnancy and labor might have ended up much differently and we will forever be grateful for her support, advice, and expertise.”

-Brandon LaFavor


“Andrea has a unique, wonderful, and holistic approach to healing. As a bodyworker myself, I understand the importance of self care and maintaining my own health. I always walk away from our sessions feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Her style is gentle, yet deep, comfortable yet very beneficial. She has helped alleviate some chronic pain I have had in my shoulder and neck for many years, and I would hughly recommend her valuable services to anyone who wants to feel more comfortable in their bodies.”

-Ema Koziatek


“I first came to Andrea for massage therapy, with the specific intent of working out some general aches and pains in areas like my back and neck neck and then transitioned into full body massage and Reiki treatments. Andrea did an amazing job of balancing both what I requested from our session and what my body communicated to her. It’s this kind of attentive dedication to a total body treatment and well-being that has assured me Andrea is both an incredible masseuse and genuine person. After a few massages, I decided to try Reiki for the first time. I went into the experience curious and open-minded and was thrilled to discover its effects and benefits. Andrea talked me through her process, never leaving me in the dark. I’m sure Reiki is a unique experience for every person, every time, but I must say I have never felt as present as I did after Andrea’s Reiki treatments. It’s such a cool experience to have someone translate your own body’s language for you. Andrea makes sure to sit down with you after each treatment to allow for questions, to share insight one what she experienced and how you feel. Andrea is professional, friendly, and very talented. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for treatment.” 

-Sam Allen